About Us

Every startup has a story that’s unique and special.
We narrate them without losing their essence and soul.

Channel I’M was launched with aim of celebrating disruption and innovation in startup and SME sector. We narrate stories of inspiring entrepreneurs and innovative businesses that are changing the world (in all the right ways). Practising constructive journalism is our motto, and innovation through media is our mantra.

As a new era in startup and entrepreneurial culture is getting unfolded in all pomp and splendor, we chose to join the bandwagon by creating a first-of-its-kind platform to promote and recognize the Young Turks in Indian startup space. We at Channel I’M identify and showcase the spark of creation in disruptive entrepreneurs and change-makers in today’s fast-blossoming and immensely exciting startup world.

The first exclusive digital video media platform for startups and future business leaders, Channel I’M, the brainchild of Mrs. Nisha Krishan, unveils the first glimpse of how Indian startups think/create/market futuristic products and services.

From its modest inception as an incubated project, Channel I’M has grown by leaps and bounds over the years. Yet, our bevy of journalists, techies, financial experts, and business mentors continue to work with inexpressible zeal and dedication when it comes to narrating startup stories that inform and inspire.

Our curated and up-to-date content across video and social media channels exude boundless motivation, information, passion, and encouragement. Despite focusing on both challenges and successes in the startup space, we’re never cynical when it comes to showcasing the realities and hardships that an entrepreneur faces during his journey to success. In other words, we aim to narrate honest and inspirational startup stories that you cannot help but fall in love with. And who doesn’t love good stories?

Channel I’M has published several enriching and engaging video stories of entrepreneurs and innovators across the length and breadth of the country. We have also rendered our seamless support and collaboration to organize a whole host of governmental and non-governmental events to enable networking, funding opportunities, and mentoring.

Our mission is simple and clear – Put spotlight on future business leaders and worldchanging innovations in startup and SME sector.

We choose inspiring startup stories and narrate the exciting entrepreneurial journeys of exceptionally talented business owners across the country. Our team is our greatest asset, the biggest differentiator, and the heart and soul of Channel I’M. We never fail bring stories of innovative startups and brightest entrepreneurs to the limelight they deserve